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18 Apr 2014 | by krayknot | Windows | 0 Comments | 2 Views
Most Windows XP Embedded versions will live on for a few more years, even as the Windows XP desktop OS loses "extended" support on April 8, Microsoft clarified this week.Read more
18 Apr 2014 | by krayknot | Mobile Review | 0 Comments | 18 Views
As a device aiming to usurp your laptop and your tablet, the Surface 2 almost succeeds. After several weeks using the tablet I found myself choosing the Surface 2 over my old Acer Timeline laptop for much of my screen time. The pros are many, including good performance and battery life, and a solid but stylish design. However, the machine is dragged down from greatness by some niggling cons. Read more
18 Apr 2014 | by krayknot | Smartphone | 0 Comments | 26 Views
Where does your smartphone spend most of its time? On your desktop? In a bag? In a coat or pants pocket? For all the time you spend checking email, Twitter, Facebook, watching video, listening to music, et al, my guess is your smartphone is more often not in your hand than in.Read more
18 Apr 2014 | by krayknot | Productivity | 0 Comments | 18 Views
SANTA CLARA, CA, Feb 18, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- NVIDIA today introduced the first GPUs based on its new Maxwell(TM) graphics architecture, which deliver amazing gaming performance in extremely power-efficient designs.Read more
18 Apr 2014 | by krayknot | Android | 0 Comments | 21 Views
Android will be helping people break up with their current mobile phone plan after they released a new application called Glove. The application uses a person’s location and phone habits to monitor their phone for three days. After those days are up, the application sends the user an email that ranks phone carriers and recommends a phone carrier that is best for the user. The email from the Android application is also helping people choose their carrier by showing them the steps they can take to switch to another mobile phone service. The Android application uses voice and data performance to make its final decision.Read more